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Sensitive Skin Reusable Cotton, Bamboo and Charcoal Makeup Remover Pads – 16pcs


Stop using cotton balls and start using these re-usable Cotton, velvet, bamboo and charcoal fiber wipes. These reusable makeup remover pads have all the advantages of a traditional cotton pad, and is softer than a regular bath towel. Easy to clean and easy to use. These pads make a great gift for anyone who loves wearing makeup.  Why keep cluttering up the landfill with one use cotton balls when you can use these pads over and over. They are environmentally friendly and you’ll be helping the environment by not using single use cotton balls any longer.

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  • Two varieties: This set contains 12 soft cosmetic removal pads and 4 rough pads with a peeling effect. 4 peel pads gently remove stubborn makeup and irritating dander. Soft wipes are ideal for sensitive areas such as the eyes. These wipes meet your individual needs while reducing waste.
  • Comfortable size: The reusable makeup remover pad has all the advantages of a traditional cotton pad, and it is softer than a regular bath towel. They are small enough to carry around, for example: It can be taken to the gym or to travel.
  • Environmentally friendly:  16 cleaning pads made of bamboo fiber and cotton can be cleaned and reused, so it is an environmentally friendly product.
  • Suitable for anyone: Reusable cotton cloth is suitable for all types of skin, reliably cleans the face and eyes, and removes cosmetics, creams and dirt. They are even suitable for sensitive skin of women, men, children and babies.
  • Sustainable: You can use makeup remover wipes for a long time. This eliminates the need to buy cotton pads and throw away and save a lot of money. A sustainable bamboo pad is also a great gift!



  • Material:  Cotton, velvet, bamboo charcoal fiber
  • Size(about):  makeup remover pad diameter 7cm/2.76inch
  • Bag length and width:  18*15cm/70.9*5.91inch
  • Makeup Remover Cotton Pads:  16 each
  • Cloth bag:  1 each


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Cotton Pad


Cloth bag*1


velvet, bamboo charcoal fiber

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